About Us


 Landmark Auto Auction, has established reputable business ventures across the world and holds the prestigious position of being one of the unsurpassed automobile dealer in Kenya. 

Our company has developed a position of high regard due to its dedication and diversified sectors which is inclusive of Power and Energy, Automobile Sales, Vehicle Rental, Hardware, and Building materials. We showcase and represent a selected number of global brands in various industries to provide our customers with the best conveniences.

Our headquarters is based on the mesmerizing island of Sri Lanka. Our team is taught the value of maintaining a strong relationship with our clients, which has been built on the foundations of trust and respect. With a tenure of over 50 years in many industries.

We ensure to offer our clients the best experience in the automotive state through the latest addition to the group’s portfolio expansion.


We strive to transform your personalized automobile dreams into a reality by catering to you with the best selections.


We strive to transform your personalized automobile dreams into a reality by catering to you with the best selections. 

Our Philosophy

We have faith in cultivating honesty and ethical practices amongst our team members, as they can live by doing the right things at all given times.

Our Culture

Investing in a culture that is open, engaging and effective is the way we empower the people in our company. Our employees are encouraged to be initiators, agile and honest about achieving not just organizational goals but also personal goals. Our key strength lies in creating a space that enables them to be successful through their own merit.

Our People

Our journey of adversity and celebrations empower our people’s triumphs. We understand they are a bigger part of who we are and our identity. At Landmark Auto Auction Ltd., we respect and treat our fellow colleagues as our equals, helping to foster an environment that’s nurturing – professionally and personally


Being honest and ethical in every task we embark on

The Drive

Having the passion to be results-focused in the projects that we take over


Cultivating an unbiased view and promote open thinking and accepting

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nurturing a mind of curiosity and innovation in everything we do. Our successful journey in the automobile industry worldwide is built based on the expertise of our industry specialists who indulge a personal interest in hand-picking each and every vehicle. This fundamental principle in the process of selecting automobiles has established long term loyalty in our customer base.

Offering the best personalized vehicles


We are a one-stop solution for your vehicle needs


» Understand the customer better and walk the extra mile.
» Customer is always our priority.
» We make sure that the customer finds their dream vehicle.


We offer a special warranty for our loyal customers.


We have tied up with the best financial companies, so that our customers can enjoy the best rates.

Our Branch Network in Kenya


Our Strength